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Innovative solutions for a better future

Patented and owned by:

Cosmic Resonator

What is Cosmic Resonator?

Cosmic Resonator is a cutting-edge medical device designed to provide relief for auto immune diseases. Trials are ongoing for five different groups:
1- Chronic Kidney Disease 
2- Diabetes
 3- Psoriasis
4- Multiple sclerosis
5-  Cell therapy
ZERT's unique methods of treatment, only utilizes drinking water  with no added chemicals to provide relief (Energized water).
Energized water plays a major role in,
Cosmic Healthland, ZERT's health resort project.


All these products are also offered at Cosmic Healthland.

Elixir of Life

Water is highly impressionable. Since water has high resonance capacity, it responds instantaneously to all types of waves and vibrations.  Cosmic Resonator will change the structure of water by exposing H2O and changing it to H3O2. The new structured water has lower impedance for body and improved quality.

Gene Modification Possibilities

Cosmic Resonator is able to help genetic engineers modify genes and further their quest in creating a better future. Another byproduct of gene modification is treatment for infertility. 

Energized Products

By utilizing the elixir of life, many other energized products with higher quality can be produced. Livestock, fish, plants, vegetables and fruit can be raised/grown under the exposure of Cosmic Resonator. Other products that are indirectly influential in our lives such as cosmetics, fertilizers and dairy products can be significantly improved. 

Cosmic Therapy

Cosmic therapy includes direct and indirect treatments made possible with Cosmic Resonator. Either by direct exposure to cosmic waves or energized diet. Cosmic therapy can help provide relief to Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, and kidney diseases. 



ZERT was established in 2019 by the creators and engineers of Cosmic Resonator. ZERT is headquartered in Minnesota, USA and serves as means for owners of said intellectual property to negotiate further deals regarding Cosmic Resonator. Our patented device, Cosmic Resonator, has been in the process of research and development for more than 18 years with roughly 2 years of simulations with COMSOL and prototyping. Throughout these years, a team of international scientists, inventors, archaeologists, complementary and energy therapists, frequency domain physicists and experts in laser and optics simulations came together under private sponsorship to design a pyramidal quantum cavity.  


For more information about our progress and future projects, contact us!

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